Best premium game server hosting tested by gamers

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The best premium game server hosting gives you a no compromise gaming experience. It can be fine to pick one of the cheaper game server hosts out there and that’s reflected in our look at the best game server hosting overall. However, sometimes you’re in a position to invest a lot more into your game server plans. That’s where the best premium game server hosting comes into play.

We’ve spent some time with all the best premium game server hosting below to pinpoint exactly why it’s worth paying the extra that each asks of you. Often providing hardware and features akin to the best dedicated servers with a focus on gaming, these are the kind of servers that are best if you have ambitious plans or you’re crowdfunding with your clan or guild mates. A premium game server is the perfect centerpiece for a growing community and you want the high quality of your group reflected in high-end hardware and fantastic reliability. 


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