Caira Surgical to Showcase Radar Surgical Tracking

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Caira Surgical, the pioneer in Radar Surgical Tracking for robotic and navigated joint replacement surgery, today announced its upcoming participation in the prestigious LSI USA ’24 Emerging Medtech Summit. Jon Greenwald, Caira’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer will present the company’s pioneering technologies and transformative vision for robotic and navigated orthopedic surgery. The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20th, 2024, at 3:25 p.m. at the Monarch Beach Resort, Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Dana Point, Calif., where Caira Surgical will also engage with potential investors and strategic partners to discuss its latest innovations and strategic direction.

“We are proud to be back at the LSI USA Emerging Medtech Summit this year to showcase our technology and the milestones we have made as we prepare to file for FDA clearance later this year,” Greenwald said. “LSI provides an excellent platform to share our vision and progress with key stakeholders in the medtech community.”

The company’s radar-based technology offers sub-millimeter accuracy in tracking while also addressing the limitations of current surgical navigation and robotic systems. With a focus on enhancing surgical workflow, reducing costs, and eliminating the need for additional incisions and invasive instruments, Caira’s technology is poised to set a new standard for orthopedic surgery.

Caira Surgical’s technology not only addresses the high cost and complexity barriers associated with traditional robotic and navigation systems but also offers compatibility with surgeons’ preferred implant systems. This open platform approach, coupled with the elimination of line-of-sight issues and invasive surgical instruments, empowers surgeons to achieve precise and accurate implant positioning while enhancing patient safety and outcomes.

In addition to showcasing its radar surgical tracking system for knee replacement procedures, Caira Surgical plans to expand into hip, shoulder, and spine procedures, further broadening the impact of its innovative technology. The company is also developing advanced surgical planning tools and intraoperative scanning technologies that promise to streamline the surgical process and improve efficiency.

Caira Surgical invites attendees of the LSI USA ’24 Emerging Medtech Summit to join Jon Greenwald’s presentation and learn more about the company’s pioneering technologies and strategic vision. Interested investors and strategic partners are encouraged to contact Caira Surgical directly at [email protected] to schedule private meetings and discuss potential collaborations.

About Caira Surgical
Caira® Surgical is innovating the future of robotic and navigated orthopedic surgery with revolutionary technologies that aim to eliminate surgical pain points, reduce operative time, decrease cost, and improve patient outcomes. Caira leverages proprietary radar and intraoperative scanning technologies as well as advanced surgical planning software to improve usability and eliminate the barriers to the broader adoption of surgical robotics to assist surgeons in achieving repeatably accurate and precise implant positioning. The company’s open platform technologies address knee, hip, shoulder, and spinal procedures, creating the potential to revolutionize the entire field of orthopedic surgery. Learn more at

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