The best air fryer 2024: tried and tested by experts

Best Air Fryers: Quick Menu

The best air fryers cook food faster. Not only that but they’re really easy to use, they require a fraction of the oil you’d use for regular frying and they don’t need much cleaning afterwards. While some all-singing all-dancing models can be pricey, some of the best air fryers won’t make a big dent in your wallet or purse. 

The term “air fryer” is a little misleading, because air fryers don’t fry: they produce very similar results by using very hot air and very powerful fans. Like a countertop, convection, or easy-bake oven, they use a heating element – typically at the top of its cooking compartment – to heat the air, while a fan circulates that air around and under the food. But in an air fryer, the fan is much bigger than in more traditional ovens, and it’s usually teamed up with a design made to maximize airflow through the fryer. That’s what delivers the crispy, tasty results.


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