The best Apple Watch 2024: Top smartwatches to use with iOS

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The best Apple Watch for you is going to vary depending on several factors. For one, you need an iPhone, so if you’re not already on iOS, you’re unlikely to get much use out of an Apple Watch. For those of you on iOS and looking to get an Apple Watch, it isn’t simply a case of the latest being the greatest: different watches are aimed at different audiences, and that’s before you consider older devices that still hold their worth and purpose. 

With all of them being made by Apple over the years, you can expect a certain baseline quality threshold here with many of them sharing the same features. That’s whether you opt for a mainline Apple Watch, a cheaper Apple Watch SE, or an almighty Apple Watch Ultra. You do, however, want to make sure your watch of choice will continue to support the latest edition of Apple’s software, watchOS 11. Anything older than a Series 5 isn’t going to be supported for much longer. 


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