The best mirrorless camera for 2024

The best mirrorless camera is the one that works for you. We’ve tested a huge range of mirrorless cameras, and one thing is clear: there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why our round-up reflects the variety of the mirrorless market, from entry-level stills cameras to flagship hybrids. In putting it together, we’ve tried to include a top pick for every type of photographer, whatever your skill level and budget.

If we had to select an overall winner from our in-depth testing, we’d choose the Sony A7 IV: with a sharp full-frame sensor and supreme autofocus, it’s all the mirrorless camera that many people could want. It delivers the goods in pretty much any situation, which is why we also rate it as the best camera overall. Then again, it might be more – or less – than you need.


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