The best OLED TV 2024: OLED panels from LG, Samsung and Sony

The best OLED TVs on the market today deliver beautiful image quality because of the self-lighting pixels that define this kind of technology. What these pixels allow for is rich, precise contrast for HDR in a way that even the best LCD TVs can’t match. That means they deliver an incredible cinematic picture that brings you more detail in darker areas of the screen than you’ll ever get from an LCD TV.

With one of the best OLED TVs, many of which are among the best TVs on the market, you’ll also find a starker contrast between light and dark, which is similar to the laser projection in movie theaters – especially if you buy a larger TV, like one of the best 65-inch TVs or best 75-inch TVs. Big TV brands, such as LG and Sony, use OLED tech in their premium TVs. Even Samsung, a TV company that had previously been holding out on OLED, has now entered the OLED TV space in a big way… at the time of writing, it makes our top-ranked OLED! Now that’s an entrance.


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