The tech powering back-end operations to ensure the best customer journey

Achieving great customer experience (CX) is harder than ever – consumers have become more demanding and more unwilling to suffer a poor customer service experience. These expectations must carry through into contact center operations – but reaching these levels is not as simple as it may seem. Businesses must power back-end operations to drive the connected contact center of the future.

Arjan van den Berg

Senior Partner Director at ContactCenter4ALL.

1. It’s more than just omnichannel – the technology powering the back end

When it comes to customer delight, friction must be kept minimal. Customers want choices, whether its to contact via live chat, research the website Q&A, or pick up the phone and speak to an agent, today’s consumers expect to be able to use every channel possible with the confidence their issue is being dealt with. Research found that over 82% of customers will likely trust and remain loyal to a business that offers first-rate customer service.


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